2019 Mid-Year Ministers Meeting in Orlando Proves to be Productive!

Bright smiles and beaming faces were what our Pastors brought to the 2019 Mid-Year Ministers Meeting in Orlando of the Sunshine State! Coming from all across the United States, they arrived ready to collaborate and encourage one another with their testimonies. Bro Charles Co and the brethren from Orlando outdid the Florida heat by warmly accommodating everyone and providing outstanding hospitality.  While Bishop Jonathan Ferriol embarked on another venture to minister to Fourth Watchers in the Philippines, Pastor Marites Ferriol stepped in to preside over the meeting. Even while he was preparing for a trans-Pacific flight, Bishop Jonathan extended his regards to the ministers by calling them and exhorting on the necessity to be zealous as leaders of God's flock. They ministers spoke passionately regarding a wide array of important and urgent matters concerning the church, and discussed evangelistic efforts, upcoming district events, and even the current standing of our media programs in the United States. After some mentally taxing hours together to concoct ways and means to further advance God's work, the group also spent some time to unwind with fellowship at Disney Springs. While many were first timers, they took advantage of the time to reconnect and catch up with their companions from as far as the West Coast, all the way to the Eastern Seaboard. Even after the second day of meetings, Pastor Marites, along with several student pastors journeyed more than an hour and a half away to Tampa for a Bible Study with a family of new believers to extend their care. Our pastors aren't just preaching the Word, they're walking the walk, and they're thinking of ways to emphasize Scripture in order to mobilize the church!