New Jersey Celebrates 3 Years!

May 19, 2019
This weekend was indeed a cause for celebration as the PMCC (4th Watch) of New Jersey held their 3rd Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving! The grand event was held at the Hilton Newark Airport on Sunday, May 19. Members from all over the New Jersey area and beyond flocked to the venue to celebrate. Many of our brethren traveled from New York, and some even made the 3-hour trip all the way from Baltimore to be present and show their support.

The local church of New Jersey’s 3rd Anniversary was birthed through months of extensive labor and preparation. Whether on stage or behind the scenes, the brethren surely gave it their very best. Touches of excellence were evident throughout the presentation. From the uplifting praise and worship, the church choir, the KW4C Children’s Ministry, and each part of the service in between, every partaker delivered their all to lift up the name of the Lord. A local youth group also rendered a special dance interpretation from Wallace Temple, a church in the North New Jersey community.

Pastor Neil Robeniol, the head pastor of the local church of Baltimore, served as the keynote speaker for the event. He delivered his message with impact and charisma, highlighting our need for salvation. “The Lord can set you free from your addiction, from your sickness, from your depression, if you just come to Him today!” Pastor Neil opened the opportunity for our guests to accept the Lord as he offered a prayer for healing and deliverance, repentance and salvation.

As a way of showing utmost gratitude toward God, the members of the New Jersey local church offered up their Thanksgiving Offerings. With a spirit of humility and thankfulness the brethren gave their very best, blessing God’s work as they remembered how God had blessed them.

And indeed, the church is blessed! On its third official year as a local church, the PMCC (4th Watch) of New Jersey was born through the vision of expansion given by Bishop Jonathan Ferriol and captured by Pastor David Medina, the East Coast Sub-District Coordinator. The plan was brought to fruition when the Graduating Class of 2015 began pioneering the church during their Missionary Journey. It wasn’t long before a full-time worker, Sister Jennah Bagaforo, would take the helm of the work as its Senior Pastor. And just over a year ago, Sister Marija Lozada became the associate worker in the local church. The church in New Jersey is growing and expanding, and we can’t wait to see where the Lord will lead them in the next years to come!