North Carolina Celebrates A Decade Of God's Faithfulness

May 12, 2019
What initially started as a strong passion to start God’s work in North Carolina became a fertile ground by which the Holy Spirit worked its power. The collaborative efforts of pioneering families de Guzmans, Mendozas, Gabriels, and Agags have ushered the way for other believers to God’s flock. By God’s grace, the congregation did not only grew in number but also prospered in the establishments of ministries and outreach programs through the selfless leadership of Bro Arvin Arayata, NC’s first pastor. Their excellence in various forms of giving is notable and the most God glorifying of all is when 9 of the pioneering families’ children responded to God’s call for global evangelism. Four entered in the Apostolic Missionary Program while the other five pursued further and are now in the Maranatha Bible School serving in the full time ministry.

The brethren in North Carolina did not only braved the birth pains of starting a church but also endured the challenges of the mission while carrying their own personal crosses in life. Against all odds, through life threatening medical conditions, and major blows, the believers pressed on undaunted by all these. Their dedication surfaced gracefully as 3 elders were appointed on October 2015. These added vanguards of the faith have proven their calling as servants  as they aided members through their struggles on a more personal and equipping level.

On this day of May 12, 2019 we look back in the last ten years as a testimony of God’s unquestionable faithfulness for His elect.  Now on a new and much anticipative spirit, the local church of North Carolina under the shepherding of Bro Edgar Lara is stronger than ever to partner with the church wide program of “Reaching Regions Beyond”. The 10th year church anniversary held in Hilton Raleigh yielded an audience of 140, 70 of which were guests. US Subdistrict Coordinator and head minister of the PMCC New York, Pastor David Medina, delivered God’s message on the losses we incur as Christians. He emphasizes further that the world perceives these as losses but in the exercise of our faith, these are actually profits we gain spiritually. Pastor David has stirred everyone’s heart as he ministered God’s words, a privilege and honor he recognizes as one  that comes with the trust given to him by the Goodman of the House, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol and US District Coordinator Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol.

Congratulations PMCC North Carolina! As how you have seen God moved mountains for you, rest assured He will do it again.