PMCC (4th Watch) of Portland Celebrates 12th Church Anniversary & Thanksgiving!

April 28, 2019
Another year of victory was added to the PMCC (4th Watch) of Portland, Oregon as evidently displayed in their celebration last Sunday morning. Through the partnership of Bro. Darwin Castillano, the Head Pastor of the local church, Sis. Agnes Abero, a Church Elder, and the Portland brethren, everything was prepared and set up so beautifully.

It did not take long until the venue was filled to more than capacity prompting the program to start early.

Pastor Larry Nisperos, an Associate Minister from PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay, served the excited, expectant congregation with a powerful message entitled “Open Your Eyes” taken from Acts 26:18. Capturing everyone’s attention, guests and brethren intently listened as the word of God was being delivered. In the end, they all took away with them not just great memories but also a great measure of spiritual blessings!

As always, brethren from Seattle and Spokane showed support and solidarity by joining the special event, bringing with them some Pacific Northwest love and energy!

The celebration ended in a reception hall a few miles away from the Church Anniversary venue where the brethren fellowshipped again -- this time in a lighter and laughter-filled atmosphere!   Praise the Lord!