2019 US District Conference Successfully Comes to a Close with Grand Worship

In its 26th year, the US District Conference Grand Worship and Closing Service went off without a hitch at the Long Beach Convention Center. A sense of euphoria took over the entire event. With jubilant shouts of praise from the start of joyful singing, delegates worshipped the Lord unabashed. Some couldn’t help but shout their acclamations, others were left speechless in wonder of God’s goodness, but all were filled by the Holy Spirit.
It isn’t uncommon for churches to give jaw-dropping performances during events like these, and God was glorified at the highest degree! Choirs exclaimed God’s excellence, contemporary dances conveyed a message of our battle cry as Christians, and flag dance worship put the icing on the cake with serenity.
With conviction and anointing, Bishop Jonathan anchored his message in the Conference theme. He admonished the congregation to watch their obedience, their testimonies, their church membership, and spirituality. His message was a wake-up call and an eye-opener! Moved by the Holy Spirit, many were brought to tears, and were challenged to examine their service. With hearts receptive to God’s message, guests flocked to the front of the service hall as Bishop Jonathan conducted the Altar Call. Hands lifted high and tears streaming down their face, they accepted Christ as their personal savior.
This was the ultimate ribbon on the gift that was the 2019 Triple Treat Events! God used every hand that was used to play an instrument, man a camera, cook food, direct individuals, and everything in between. Delegates are making their way home to use what they garnered throughout conference in their home churches. God is using His end-time leaders to prepare the church for Christ’s imminent return! Maranatha!