More Selflessly Dedicate for the Mission on Antioch Vision Night

We are all a manifestation of a vision. Whether that was the vision of the Apostle to spread the 4th watch doctrine in all corners of the globe or to have the work of God established in the United States. On the fourth day of the U.S District Conference, we celebrated the Antioch Vision, the God-given vision that forever transformed the North America District.
Bible Students and AMP interns from all across North America marched on proudly bearing one of fastest growing aspects of the Antioch Vision: the Maranatha Bible School or ministerial training arm of the district. These same young people took the stage and presented a captivating musical spectacle, depicting real-life insights on the trials and joys of the Bible School.
A video presentation gave a glimpse of the humongous strides and the many milestones that the work of God has seen this past year, proving once more the ongoing fulfillment of the Antioch Vision. No matter what baggage or reservations the delegates of the U.S District Conference brought with them, there is hope. Hope that God can and will do great things right before our eyes and the Antioch Vision is proof of that.