Maranatha Bible Student (North America Extension) 9th Commencement Exercises

Every Bible Student dreams of that glorious moment when they walk across the stage to receive their diploma. This year, five of them saw their dreams come to life on graduation day! The Maranatha Bible School (North America Extension) held its 9th Commencement Exercises on Friday, February 22nd, 2019. The Apostolic Ambassadors of Christ's Revealed Mysteries includes Sis. Tanya Bico, Sis. Jennifer Ching, Bro. Rolexis Tapel, Bro. Kenneth Ines, and Bro. Virgill Jan Dago. With an average of eight years of Bible School training, God's grace is personified through each of them.
It was an emotional evening, to say the least. Delegates in attendance shared the overwhelming joy that comes with graduation, but two of the graduates carried heaviness in their hearts as their mothers missed the special moment in their fight against terminal illness back in Canada. With a surprising turn of events, not a dry eye was left in the house as Sis. Nelly Ching and Sis. Laura Ines sent their personal greetings to their children.
Energy and passion got the event off the ground as class speakers preached boldly regarding the power, the custodian, and the response of Christ's revealed mysteries. Sharing tidbits of laughter, nuggets of wisdom, and an abundance of truth, they conveyed the Word of God with anointing and confidence.
Bishop Jonathan Ferriol was recognized for his indelible contributions to each graduate's personal and ministerial development. After countless moments of mentoring and training, he presented each individual to the congregation with a great deal of pride. Along with the MBS (North America Extension Faculty), he molded them into the men and women they are today.
Presbyter Let S. Ferriol's profound impact could not go unnoticed, as she serves as the MBS General OIC. On behalf of the Goodman of the House, she conferred the five as full-fledged ministers of Christ's end-time church! The Maranatha Bible School (North America Extension) student body rejoices with our, now, Bible School alumni! We are looking forward to see what great blessings God has in store for these newly minted ministers.