Bible Students Renew Their Dedication in MBS Conference

God reached into the depths of our heart, mind and spirit and renewed every part. Whether it be in defeat or victory, weakness or strength, brokenness or wholeness, we have been reminded of the unshakable promise that God will be with us- it has truly been an MBS Conference like no other.

The MBS North America Extension was privileged to have passionate speakers like Presbyter Raquel De La Cruz, Presbyter Joseph Concepcion, Presbyter Maritess Ferriol and Bishop Jonathan Ferriol. Each of them powerfully delivered divine messages and testimonies that displayed God’s ever-present help and grace in the ministry. Every informative seminar sharpened the wisdom and knowledge of each student especially in terms of practical ministry approaches. With our resolve fortified, our hearts reinvigorated and our love for God reignited, we are once more prepared for the urgent mission that God has laid ahead of us. We are blessed to have met co-soldiers of the Lord’s army from other countries and together it’s our honor to march behind the Goodman of the House and the leaders of the church.

And just like that, the first of the triple treat events has come to pass. God will work powerfully again in the days to come!