US District Welcomes Back Bishop Art Ferriol 

In a futile attempt of the enemy to cause disarray during the 2019 US District Conference, God seized the moment to show His absolute control of every situation! He personified His names as our Provider, Great Physician, and Prince of Peace especially during our times of need. Following his recovery period, members of Southern California gave Bishop Art Ferriol the warmest welcome at the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay! As Bishop Art made strides into the House of Worship, the crowd raised thunderous applause and praises to God for His miraculous healing! Bro. Kenneth Ines added to the emotions of the event by singing the well-known song, “You Raise Me Up.” With boundless joy, Bishop Jonathan reiterated how the power of God manifested in Bishop Art’s healing, and introduced the valiant man utilizing every ounce of his strength to preach the Gospel. Standing in humility, Bishop Art expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Lord, to his daughter, and to every single individual who readily assisted him in the face of emergency and aided him to swift recovery. A wordsmith himself, Bishop Art admitted, “I have no words,” that would amount to his gratefulness for the able partnership and service of his medical team. The entire US District is delighted to see Bishop Art back in action and in great health!