East Coast Churches Hold 2019 Summer Camp

August 2, 2019
WINNSBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA. Delegates from  the PMCC (4th Watch) east coast churches held its 2019 Summer Camp at the tranquil grounds of White Oak Conference Center from July 28-August 2. This year’s theme “The marks of the true gospel preached in the end time” resonates Romans 16:25. This year, with the addition of two newly inaugurated local churches, the East Coast is humbled by God’s mighty outpouring with a total number of 11 churches.

Empowering the delegates were messages from West Coast’s Subdistrict Coordinators Pastor Maritess Ferriol, Ptr, Erwin dela Cruz, and San Diego’s head minister Pastor Joseph Concepcion. They brought with them testimonies from their extensive travels as how the mission remains vibrant because of true gospel we preach. God’s voice was very much understandable when Bishop Jonathan brought in a new plate of message for the campers:  “Speak Lord, for your servant hears.“ taken in 2 Samuel 3:9. It was definitely a feasting of God’s words.

Bishop Jonathan also unveiled the revised edition of Foundations 1 which is tailored fit for the church’s current discipleship efforts. A book signing event was held and the brethren can’t wait to browse over their copies penned by our innovative bishop.

Afternoon activities engaged the brethren physically and spiritually. Departmentalized services and sports espoused fellowshipping across all local churches.

As the event capped off with Victory and CFD night, the air was filled with praises and thanksgiving for another victorious and memorable week. East coast brethren are once again recharged to face the next set of opportunities with more faith to stay at pace with the growth that God has set in this side of the country.