2020 First Ministers Meeting of the Decade in South Bay is a Success!

January 10, 2020
The start of the year 2020 is a time of assessment, as well as a wholesome recuperation period after a rigorous time of sacrificing after the month of December. The US District ministers from both East and West coasts, even from the Pacific Northwest, headed by Bishop Jonathan and Pastor Maritess, held a two-day meeting and wholesome bonding, hosted by the South Bay local church.

This meeting is composed of a thorough and objective assessing of each local church in the US District, performance evaluation, constructive critique, even a time of affirmation of their respective breakthroughs, improvements, and successes. This will jump-start the year 2020 with the drive that is ready for this year’s challenges and objectives.

The district reached and even surpassed its goal for the financial support of the GMC construction. The AATF GMC construction site continues to be very promising as the centerpiece of the year 2020, with the aim of its completion in this very year. It stands to be an inspiration as the biggest construction in the global scale yet! Bishop Jonathan made sure that paying a visit to the site won’t be missed by the ministers, and so an afternoon GMC tour along with Presbyter Leticia Ferriol, was the cherry on top! The construction site and its weekly improvements is a tangible result of the success and hard work of the ministers and every believer alike!

2020 is full of many breakthroughs in store, and the shepherds of the church are full of optimism for what is ahead!