Church Members Write Heartfelt Dedications on GMC's Floors

March 27, 2021
AATF GMC with hearts brimming with warm messages of dedication as well as excitement for the historic floor dedication. Armed with sharpies and their generous contributions, they wrote hundreds of messages all over the second floor of the building.

The historic ceremony commenced with a brief ceremony headed by Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol together with Presbyter Marites Ferriol and Presbyter Erwin Dela Cruz. After his prayer, Bishop Jonathan knelt and wrote the personal message of our beloved Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol at the center of the lobby which the brethren gladly took turns taking photos of it - an awesome memento indeed, to take home from such a very meaningful moment.

Special writers also patiently wrote down the personal messages of the church bishops, presbyters as well as from church members, near and far. By the end of the day, inspirational and heart-tugging messages cover the unfinished concrete floors of the building, giving everyone something to be inspired about. Spaces are still available for anyone who is interested to have their messages written at the AATF GMC. Contact us for inquiries!