Empowerment 2021 Day 1 — Walking by Faith

April 16, 2021
“Our faith has been attacked and assaulted, yet we continue to soldier on with our faith!” The words of the Bishop resounded as churches across the district roared in praise. This year’s Online Spiritual Empowerment started on a high, with the theme, “Growing Faith, Growing Ministry” uniting the US District from coast to coast. Leading the evening’s program, Northern California delegates brought the church to its feet, with an energetic praise and worship and accompanying dance number.

To commence the start of the empowerment, Presbyter Marites Ferriol welcomed brethren all over the US, proclaiming the victory over the next few days. Northern California Sub-District coordinator Pastor Lorena Saulog admonished the brethren to give their offerings generously, proudly reflecting on God’s goodness in the pass year. Sis. Katherine Asoy and Sis. Grace Zonio both shared their experience of their faith being tested. Both sisters are a display of unwavering faith, and was able to see the providence of God! Delegates of Northern California performed breathtaking songs of praises, proclaiming that the God is working in our midst!

Bishop Jonathan Ferriol did not waste time, sharing the message, “Walking by Faith.” In a zealous delivery, the Bishop emphasized that the church’s faith must be fortified and even stronger while trials rage on. In doing so, we must live by faith to please God, refuse to live in the temporal, and to recommit to serving. In each time-zone, the US District felt the same energy of the Holy Spirit, and are rallied to reinforce their faith with the word of truth. Thanks be to God, there are spiritual empowerments like this where we are challenged! It’s only the first night, but God has so much in store for the US District!