Empowerment 2021 Day 2 — Good Fight of Faith

April 17, 2021
Early in the morning, the brethren gathered together in the sanctuary or tuned in online to hear a riveting message delivered by Pastor Larry Nisperos. After being blessed by the Words of God, they entered God’s presence and prayed in unity. Later, that morning, the brethren were blessed by two timely and encouraging seminars, delivered to us by our beloved Presbyter Elleza Palanca and Presbyter Erwin Dela Cruz.

It was our first worship of our Spiritual Empowerment. We were blessed by the Praise and Worship team of the Pacific Northwest. We witnessed challenging testimonies from our Elder Jay Vargas and Elder Lian Vargas. We’ve also witnessed the talents of our brethren in the Pacific Northwest, as they sang their hearts out in a choir. The program could not be complete without the very words of God, which was delivered to us by our beloved Bishop Aldrin Palanca. We cannot forget how he mentioned that “the Faith that is growing is the faith that is established in Apostolic Authority.” As we partner with our leaders, we can see a direct increase in our faith.
After the worship brethren took part in two virtual seminars via zoom. The adult watchers were encouraged by the message delivered by our Presbyter Marites Ferriol, while the firebrands were blessed by a message delivered by Pastor Madeline Macatol.
Brethren returned to the church for Dedication Night. “The fight of faith is the battle worth fighting for everyday, worth bleeding for, and worth even dying for.” Bishop Jonathan’s message last night convicted the hearts of brethren across the district. He emphasized on choosing what kind of battles we wage war on, and how faith is an essential battle we need to fight for. During Dedication Night, there was an uproar of praises, as the South Bay Praise and Worship team led the brethren to immerse themselves in the Spirit. We have also witnessed the unity of the East Coast brethren, as they blessed us with a heartfelt song of praise and choir.
The Dedication Night began with Elder Rose Jiao welcoming brethren from all across the district. With her well thought out spiels and in-depth introductions, every part of the program transitioned smoothly. Southern California Sub-District coordinator Presbyter Marites Ferriol was deeply grateful for the miracles God has shown in her life, especially His miraculous work of healing. After hearing several testimonies, she related to the fact that since God is our healer and provides everything, it is just right for us to give to Him without limits. We can see this in the lives of our brethren. For instance, Bro. Ronnie and Sis. Malou Policarpio testified about how they became more faithful in giving and have received God’s healing after experiencing COVID-19. Elder Kristine Balabolsa experienced a great number of surgeries due to a heart disease and other underlying conditions, but remained steadfast in her faith and giving. Partnering herself with our beloved Apostle, Elder Shenen Mcneil desired to give more and more, and in the end she was a faithful giver.

Bishop Jonathan Ferriol delivered the Spirit-filled and convicting message, “Good Fight of Faith.” He gave four points, shedding light on how we must fight conscientiously, strategically, heroically, and unitedly. The brethren were not only inspired and blessed, but most of all, they were prompted to fight the battle of faith, acknowledging its importance, preparing themselves to apply all that they heard. After his message, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol gave a prayer of dedication. Hands were lifted high, hearts were softened, and the brethren rededicated themselves, recommitting themselves to fight for their faith, for this was a battle worth fighting for.