Empowerment 2021 Day 3 — The Author and Finisher of Our Faith

April 18, 2021
“God’s empowerment is never late- it is always on time.” As the Goodman of the House gave a most-awaited exhortation, this statement gave us the assurance that God was the One who was at work in us in His perfect timing. The last full day of the 2021 District-wide Spiritual Empowerment culminated in shouts of praise and prayers of dedication as brethren across the country claimed the growth of their faith and ministry. The Sunday School message was delivered by Bishop Reynald Sulayao who tied spiritual growth to our obedience to the sent ones of God. In the spirit of victory, the Tower of Praise Choir beautifully sang the song, “Champion”. The worship was graced with the preaching of our beloved Apostle preached about the empowered ministry ending in a call for unity within God’s true church. In the afternoon, the district’s elders and professionals gathered in a zoom meeting to be strengthened by the testimonies and the words of God from Presbyter Erwin Dela Cruz. The last service of empowerment was rightly named Celebration Night! Gearing up for the anniversary, pastors, Bible students, elders and faithful members shared testimonies of the grace they experienced in giving and challenged the rest of the church give generously in this upcoming Anniversary and Thanksgiving. Bishop Jonathan wrapped the empowerment in a powerful message entitled, “The Author and Finisher of Our Faith”, expounding on Jesus Christ’s work and promise to us and exhorting us to never grow weary in serving God!