GMC's Courtyard Shows Fountain Coping Inscription

April 19, 2021
Beautiful developments are happening each day at the AATF GMC as workers race to bring this massive project to its completion. This last weekend alone, workers completed installing the wood walkway at the interior courtyard. Meanwhile, the fountain coping etching came out the most captivating with the saying “Love the ministry, more than life!” To get that etched look, Bro. Ismael de Castro of the PMCC (4th Watch) of Los Angeles, made the letters out of styrofoam and arranged them around the coping. Then concrete was poured onto the letters and once hardened, they reveal a fountain that is going to be calming as it is going to be meaningful!

Workers from Department of Water and Power (DWP) have also started  working on the underground conduits for the electrical needs of the building. This is a significant development given the complexity of this work and the wait it took before it was given a go signal by that department. Also, the steel canopy was installed at the exterior courtyard with the help of a crane and some skilled hands! Please continue to keep AATF GMC in your prayers and always support it financially! To God be the glory!