HF7 Day 1: The Real Meaning of Christ's Crucifixion

April 2, 2021
God did this! Moving in the hearts of people all around the world, He made Himself known to those who were seeking Him. The first night of the Home Free 7: Global Online Lenten Crusade was a spectacle through and through! In classic Home Free fashion, Bishop Jonathan and his team brought the saving Gospel of Christ to the world with grace, zeal, and fervor.
In its first anniversary, the crusade fulfilled its purpose of bringing hope to a generation ridden with hopelessness caused by a pandemic. Music played a huge part in the lineup of festivities! With one voice, the South Bay Praise and Worship team and Home Free Choir lifted spirits and comforted grieving hearts. Nothing could beat those moments of singing freely to the One who paid it all for us!

Illustrating the journey behind us, the stories of the first six Home Free crusades unfolded in a special video documentary. Along the way, Wes Hampton and David Phelps brightened the evening with their musical prowess and lively performances. But the true star of the event was none other than God Himself as He spoke through Bishop Jonathan in the message titled, "The Real Meaning of Christ's Crucifixion." Timely and relevant, the reality of Christ's death as our means for eternal life echoed in the hearts of people all around the globe! Preaching with anointing and conviction, Bishop Jonathan brought the message of salvation to countless individuals. As repentant viewers poured out their hearts to God, decisions for baptism starting pouring in. Lives were changed and transformed by the Home Free Crusade!

Bishop Jonathan and the entire Home Free Crusade Team would like extend their heartfelt gratitude to Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, who captured the global heart of God, who intends all people to be saved. With his vision, we have a path to walk in this road to evangelizing the lost. And of course, to the avid supporters of Home Free, this would not be possible without your partnership! Every single Presbyter, Pastor, Elder, member, government official and community organizer made this crusade what it was. Without a doubt, God will do it again! Make sure to tune in to the second night of the Home Free 7: Global Online Lenten Crusade on April 4th at 5PM (Philippine Standard Time) for an entirely new message on Christ's resurrection preached by Bishop Jonathan, a new lineup of songs by the South Bay Praise and Worship Team, and brand new performances by Wes Hampton and David Phelps!