PMCC (4th Watch) of Michigan Makes History by Purchasing First Church Property in the East Coast!

September 5, 2019
September 5th, 2019 goes down in history as a landmark victory for the North America District as we officially received the keys to our first house of worship along the eastern seaboard of the United States! This is a historic and unprecedented acquisition of the church in the global mission!

Just last month, Pastor Thess Ferriol exhibited wisdom and professionalism- linchpins of successful negotiation- during the City Council hearing of the property’s Conditional Use Permit in Fraser, Michigan. This isn’t the first time she’s put her proficiency of financial proceedings to use- she played a significant role in acquiring the property where the Crown Jewel of the PMCC (4th Watch) now stands!

This triumph is first and foremost attributed to the Goodman of the House, who is the master builder of Christ’s end-time church. He has led the acquisition of properties for the global expansion of the church! Bishop Jonathan’s oversight of the North America District also plays an integral role as he molds Bible Students to go the extra mile in planting churches across the United States and Canada. 4th Year Bible Student, Bro Zierwin Zabala showcases the effect of the training and molding in the Maranatha Bible School (North America Extension). He spearheaded the search of this property, and played a key role in collaborating with the City Council during the process of applying for a variance for the building.

Before its unveiling next year, the building will be fully renovated and customized to meet the requirements of future church events. Now the work begins to fill this place with faithful worshipers of God!