PMCC (4th Watch) of South San Francisco Celebrates Victorious 15th Year

September 1, 2019
God has always demonstrated Himself as a God of wonder and marvel - and that is exactly what He showcased through the PMCC (4th Watch) San Francisco’s 15th Church Anniversary last Sunday, September 1st. From beginning to the end, the Holy Spirit was evident in the atmosphere! 

The anniversary started with the marching of the flags along with the graceful procession of the workers of the North California Sub-District. The SF Praise & Worship band performed passionately to the songs “Glorious”, “Echo”, and “Whole Heart”. The evening’s invocation was led by PMCC (4th Watch) Oakland’s Senior Pastor, Bro. Jayson De Roxas. Soon after, the congregation all stood to read the Holy Scriptures with Ptr. Jun Saulog, Senior Pastor of PMCC (4th Watch) Fremont, as its reader. The entire afternoon was packed with various performances that dazzled and awed all of the attendees of the event! The first performance was given by Kidzgroove Dance Group - they danced energetically to the song “Better For It”. The congregation of San Francisco was then surprised to witness a personal video greeting from North America District Coordinator, Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol, congratulating each of the members for their hard work and dedication to the work of God. 

The PMCC (4th Watch) has always been seen as a church that reaches out to other congregations of faith and has always welcomed all people - and this was shown even in the performances of the night. Joshua Cudjoe, of the Church of the Highlands, performed a beautiful and personal rendition of “I Love You, Jesus”. TV Personality of ABS-CBN, Princess Ryan, spoke with positivity and love and performed as well to “High Hopes”. As well, the cultural dance group “Folklorico” of South San Francisco High School, led by Teacher Mr. Martin Cruz, performed a cultural Mexican Dance. Following this, the congregation was graced with the presence of District Supervisor of District 5, David Canepa, who gave Commendations to the PMCC (4th Watch) San Francisco for its place in the community as an impactful congregation of faith. The audience, with energy levels high, were also soothed with a violin rendition of “When You Believe” by Collin Hamilton. One of the most emotional moments of the night occurred during the video testimony of Bro. Macky & Sis. Joy Sajo. They wholeheartedly testified about their second-born daughter, Elleina Jhei Sajo, and the hardships she endured through her brain cancer. By God’s grace, she is a living testimony of God’s healing and miracle work! The parents willingly gave and dedicated their daughter Jhei, in front of around 20 witnesses - promising to God to raise her in the fear of the Lord.

Anniversaries are always celebrated knowing that the congregation will be empowered and refreshed with another message, powerfully delivered by a man of God. Ptr. Larry V. Nisperos, associate pastor of PMCC (4th Watch) South Bay, and originating pioneer of PMCC (4th Watch) San Francisco, awakened the congregation with the unadulterated words of God. Despite preaching in South Bay’s 1st Worship early Sunday morning, Ptr. Larry was not lacking to give his very best to each of the members and guests in the venue hall. His message, “Open Your Eyes”, captivated the audience and made each person realize the necessity of opening our eyes to God, how to do so, and what blessings follow after. No wonder, as he called for people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, dozens of guests gave their confession and verbally did so. The evening finished off, with the Thanksgiving Offering exhortation from Ptr. Madeline Macatol, Senior Pastor of PMCC (4th Watch) Antioch. Members and guests alike rushed to give their thanksgiving offering to the Lord. The night ended joyfully as all people felt overwhelmed with blessings in their hearts. The evening was unforgettable in a number of ways, and it ended victoriously, all because of God’s grace and mercy. This anniversary is solely for the glory and praise of God! God worked in the midst of the brethren of San Francisco and they are looking forward to greater works in their local church!