PMCC (4th  Watch) Orlando Celebrates 5th Year Church Anniversary

September 1, 2019
As the entire state of Florida braced itself for an incoming Category 4 hurricane, the PMCC (4th Watch) of Orlando was up on its feet preparing for its 5th year church anniversary. 

Local church minister, Bro Charles Co monitored the movement of Hurricane Dorian and vigilantly gave instructions to Orlando brethren but as the same time, rallied everyone to pray that Florida will be spared from an impending devastation. 
The unity and resolute faith of the church was evident as everyone was mobilized to follow up with their guests who showed excited at the Florida Hotel  on September 1. On that day 103 people were present worshipping through songs and praises as the Southeast Revival Band lead the congregation in a concert style, spirit filled praise and worship. 

North California Sub District Coordinator and San Jose head minister, Ptr Erwin dela Cruz ministered a message that focused on salvation and how people must chose to decide at the present on things that will lead them to eternal life.  East Coast ministers Bro Edgar Lara (North Carolina), Bro Arvin Arayata (South Carolina) and brethren from various local churches graced the event as well with their presence and partnership.  

It was a day of jubilant celebration thanking God for the 5 years that He has molded this church from humble beginnings to victories. With prayers, dedication, and resiliency the Southeast Vision remains vibrant than ever dispelling any threats of storm ahead. To God be the glory!