April 10, 2020
“This is the Lord’s doing; and it is marvelous in our eyes!” History was made during the first ever global online crusade. The unprecedented “Home Free: An Online Lenten Global Crusade” was done in the beautifully designed sanctuary of the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay, but with the help of modern technology, was joined by thousands and thousands of people from all over the world. The “homey” design and living room setting made every viewer feel as if the crusade was happening right in their houses. The praise and worship, led by Brother Kenneth Ines and the South Bay worship team, played a beautiful set of spirit-filled songs including trending worship songs like “Shout Hosanna” and “God You’re So Good”. The repertoire of special numbers were soulful and God-glorifying like that of recording artist powerhouse Mrs. Raffia Ford Thomas, who sang her version of “You Say” by Lauren Daigle and brought the house down with “Break Every Chain” By Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, and a special music video from Sister Shane Daganio singing the classic hit “Via Dolorosa” by Sandi Patty- a perfect fit for the Holy Week. An inspiring, true to life video featuring the testimony of Brother Shaquille Lightbourne dramatically captured the transforming power of Jesus Christ in him that changed him from a troubled teen druggie and thief to a caring soon-to-be pastor and disciple of Christ.
The greatest victory, however, was the preaching of the message of salvation, healing and peace through the pulpit ministry of Bishop Jonathan Ferriol. His message entitled, “Hope From the Rubble”, was God’s divine instrument to go beyond the confines of the coronavirus quarantine and lead households, families and even whole communities, to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The message assured us that it’s in these times of trial, when everything seems to have crumbled into nothingness and just plain rubble, that God will raise us up out of that broken pile because that’s not the end He has planned for us. In the end, all this was the result of God’s divine orchestration- from the vision of Bishop Jonathan to spread good in this time of chaos, to the global unity and support of our beloved Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, Evangelist Let Ferriol, church bishops and presbyters, to the sacrifices and hard work of the Surer Word media and technical teams, to the collaboration of the US District workers and members, to the assistance of the pastors, ministries and brethren of the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay, and to the prayers of the saints from all around the world. This global pandemic may have put a halt to our physical gatherings, but God has used us to show the world that nothing will ever stop the preaching of the gospel!