Three Decades of Triumphantly Accomplishing God's Greater Works

June 2, 2019
Just how sweet is the taste of victory? We'll tell you.

South Bay's 30th Church Anniversary was a victory march for Fourth Watchers! Throughout the entire celebration, an overwhelming sense of accomplishment hung in the air. Over one thousand guests from all across Southern California, and pastors from throughout the United States rallied into the Grand Ballroom of the Torrance Marriott early on Sunday morning. The name of the service hall describes just how marvelous every aspect of the event was - it was grand! This year's praise and worship was unprecedented- featuring a live, 10-piece orchestra accompanying the band and Tower of Praise chorale. God's Holy Spirit moved in the hearts of the crowd. Many couldn't help but shout for joy, dance, and even cry. Performers gave God all the glory without reservation. Singing with power and conviction, Tower of Praise chorale stood their ground with show-stopping renditions of "We Are The Church," and "Break Every Chain." Meanwhile, Saved by Grace took the crowd by storm with a jaw-dropping performance to the current hit, "I'm Getting Ready." With lights, streamers, and costumes, they pulled all the stops to bless the audience and God's work!

Sis Marija Lozada, from the PMCC (4th Watch) of New Jersey, ushered the flow of the program with grace. This celebration was also a time to reminisce how we got here, and to recognize key individuals in our success. Christ's General of the End-Time church, who is none other than our brother, Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, extended his felicitations with a video greeting. Through his example and his teaching, Christ's soldiers are prepared for battle. His call to action has kept us on our toes and equipped for service. South Bay's very own pioneer, Evangelist Leticia Ferriol was also recognized for the tireless labor she invested in the small, but dedicated group of God-fearing people who took up the challenge to build the church in Carson. Like a seasoned farmer, she scattered the seed of the Gospel, and today, we see just how plentiful the harvest is. Local dignitaries came to honor our Senior Pastors, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, and Pastor Marites Ferriol for their dynamic leadership. Gardena's Mayor Tasha Cerda and Carson's Councilman Jim Dear presented congratulatory certificates for three decades of being a Beacon of light to the community. Meanwhile, Torrance Councilman George Chen represented the Mayor, City Council, and city to give the Mayoral Proclamation of South Bay's 30th Anniversary! Original members from Carson who are now Pastors were awarded for the legacy of service they gifted to our church. They are our pride and joy!

As our celebration hit fever-pitch, God spoke through his messenger to convey a message of Victory. With anointing and grace, Bishop Jonathan took the stage. "The paradox is when you surrender to God, you will triumph!" Every blunt truth struck the hearts in the crowd, and every word of grace gave comfort. Finally, he presented the crowd with a chance to receive Christ as their Savior. Hundreds flocked to the front of the stage to accept the invitation, extending a hand in proclamation to the Heaven as they bear witness. For sure, the Heavens rejoiced over these individuals!

This success did not come without a worthwhile fight. Before the day of triumph, members waged spiritual war on their knees in prayer. Protected by the armor of God, they fought relentlessly with hands lifted high and tears streaming down their faces. It was all worth it. This is how we fight our battles. God's grace surrounded us, enabled us, and led us to victory!