USDC Day 1 Focuses on Gifts and Faithful Service

February 18, 2020
Drawing attention to the ultimate “Waymaker,” Jesus Christ, delegates from across the nation have eagerly come together for the first full day of this weeklong event. After a soul-stirring devotion message by Presbyter Joseph Concepcion and an insightful exhortation by the Goodman of the House, the brethren interceded for the needs of the church, highlighting its growth.

Seminars by Presbyter Mona Quillao, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, and Presbyter Isabel Obsanga, paved the way for the delegates’ doctrinal development, covering topics like: “Church Distinctives, “The Presbytery Office,” and “Spiritual Gifts.” These nuggets of truth are essential in enhancing the believers’ minds. Shortly after, the members prepared their hearts for worship, making music before the Lord. Bishop Osie delivered a strengthening message, shedding light on the “Role of the Holy Spirit.”

Every year, conference delegates can’t help but sit at the edge of their seats, as they patiently wait for Firebrand night. Youths from various cities and states have prepared presentations and testimonies, demonstrating their boldness and fervor for Christ. In spite of their young age, they have positively contributed to the church’s advancement. These youths—middle schoolers, high schoolers, and young professionals—have given us the reassurance that the church has a glorious future ahead. To top this exuberant night off, Presbyter Raquel Dela Cruz exhorted on the characteristics of a faithful service. With great passion, she poured her heart out, expanding upon her compassion for those who are not saved. We cannot wait for what the next day has in store for us.