USDC Day 4 Unveils Antioch Vision Two

February 21, 2020
The annual U.S District Conference is always a time of renewal and re-dedication for fourth watchers all throughout the district and this year was no different. From the early morning, brethren lifted up their hopes and prayers to God.

After a day filled with empowering services, they were ready for what the night entailed. Friday night marked a day in history with the official unveiling of Antioch Vision Two. An evangelistic initiative conceptualized by Bishop Jonathan Ferriol that sought to expand the horizons of the mission and trek into the Latin American world with the gospel of Christ. This is the latest vision of the U.S. District. That is exactly what Bishop Jonathan discussed in his message where he challenged the church to see the vision of God and partner themselves. After a powerful message, hearing testimonies of missionaries on the frontline, and seeing the vision to expand to our southern neighbors; members couldn’t help but dedicate themselves. This included many who committed to the full-time ministry.

New things are on the horizon for the U.S. District and the vision of God just keeps on expanding. But the delegates of this years conference are ready to take part!