2019 US District Conference Opening Night Kicks Off!

After weeks of preparation and anticipation for one of the biggest events of the year, the day finally came. Brethren from as far as the snowy Pacific Northwest to the urban cities of the East Coast, brethren from all walks of life eagerly headed to the Long Beach Grand Event Center last night for the opening ceremony of the 2019 U.S District Conference.
An explosive praise and worship coupled with a dance number by delegates from multiple Southern California churches riled up the spirits of the crowd. Choral performances from selected churches continued to dazzle the audience bringing them a spirit of worship.
Smiling from ear to ear, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol joyfully welcomed each and every one of the delegates to the Opening Ceremony of this year’s conference. Knowing the sacrifices made and the anticipation for the week’s events in the air, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol revved up the hearts and minds of conference goers for the week’s events about to unfold.
No opening ceremony could be complete without the message given by the sent ones. On Monday Night, convention delegates were honored by the presence of a distinguished guest and proven man of faith. No other than Bishop Arturo Ferriol. He touched the hearts and minds of brethren with a message that expounded on “The Restored Church” People came far and wide to attend this District Conference in search of many things. Spiritual revival, renewal, restoration, healing, and new beginnings and that’s exactly what the week provided.