Global Mission Energized on Reaching Regions Beyond Night

Almost everyone attending the U.S District Conference was searching to grow; whether that be in their ministries, service or over all being. The events of day three provided just that. Messages throughout the whole day were jam packed with focus on the mission and inevitable growth of God’s church and His people. Among the messages some highlights were the “Works of a Watching Church”, a seminar by Pastor Maritess Ferriol and “The Clarion Call of the Goodman of the House: Watch!” by Bishop Jonathan Ferriol. Both messages had a key focus on the responsibility to share the gospel.
That same day, a woman who embodies the epitome of a global missionary and constantly finds herself on the frontlines of the mission arrived and was ready to speak for that night service themed Mission Night. With an abundance of established churches and pioneering works under her belt, how appropriate it was for Presbyter Evangelist Pastor Leticia Ferriol to be the speaker for Mission Night. From videos the captured the latest church-growth program “Reaching Regions Beyond” and an inspiring message that demonstrated just how transformative and limitless the gospel could be. It’s safe to say that the delegates of this year’s conference have been more than equipped to embrace the great task known as God’s mission!