Surer Word and Firebrand Night Set Hearts Aflame!

As the world around us progresses into the future with technological advances and societal movements, God’s church is doing the same! On the second day of the U.S District Conference, we embraced the future and celebrated milestones. From the beginning of the day, brethren knelt down in prayer inviting God’s amazing will to unfold in their lives. A number of services throughout the day were packed with messages that fell on open hearts and open minds. Among these message were two by the Bishops of the church. Bishop Art Ferriol expounded on the biblical terms used to describe our current time, citing various world events, to prove the signs of the end-time. In keeping with this, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol dedicated his worship message to delve deeper into the “The Days of the Son of Man” where he gave four clear-cut signs of the significance of our time.
Some say that technology is the future and others say that it’s in the new, young generation, the PMCC (4th Watch) U.S District say it’s both! As the night approached, the delegates were in for a double treat. Tuesday night, the church celebrated a huge milestone in the work of God: The 10th anniversary of the Surer Word ministry. The congregation took the time to reflect and reminisce on the wondrous works that God has made in the media ministry this past decade. This included special recognition of Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol and Bishop Jonathan Ferriol for their pivotal roles in the establishment of the Surer Word ministries. Plans were introduced to take the media by storm, riveting up the congregation with the thought of how much more God can do through this latest church endeavor. The night shifted and suddenly Firebrand youths from across the country blazed on stage displaying their God-given talents. There’s no doubt that we are in the midst of a spiritual war and whether your weapon of choice is the world-wide media or simply the future generation, we are destined for victory! Bishop Jonathan Ferriol took the time to have his message emphasize the militant church, providing guaranteed ways to win any battles that may come our way. The future is bright for the work in the United States and the delegates of the 2019 Conference are more than equipped to embrace it!