US District Leaders Unite In Impact America 2020

Just as being united is in God’s nature, the Pastors and Elders of the US District emulated this trait by joining one other to be empowered on the first full day of IMPACT America 2020! Diving into the Biblical traits of the church is what each leader relished. In their prayers and praises, they were Pentecostal. In their doctrinal knowledge, they became even more Apostolic. And in their hearts burned a passionate fire to share the Gospel of Christ.

Special guest speakers like Presbyter Mona Quillao and Presbyter Raquel Dela Cruz shared timeless truths that were an encouragement and reminder to their key role as front runners in the Mission and evangelizers in the End-Time! The night was an overarching display of God. ’s moving in the congregation. Bishop Jonathan’s message on “Expressions of Unity” was timely and served as a push for all leaders to be one with the Apostle in our spirituality, distinctive practices, and doctrines! This isn’t we take lightly- Christ overcame Hell and death itself so that we could be reunited with Him.

Thank God for the leaders whom God has given us to be examples of unity!