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Our hearts are devoted in helping you grow in your knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthen your faith in Him and fortify your relationship with Him. We are also dedicated in connecting you with the community of believers and in helping you stay connected with God!

Church News

PMCC (4th Watch) of San Jose Celebrates Spectacular 18th Year Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving!

September 22, 2019
Every church anniversary is a celebration of God's saving grace. It is a day that is meant to bring the highest praises, honor, and adoration to our savior and the builder of God's church. The PMCC (4th Watch) of San Jose celebrated its 18th Church Anniversary! It was a day filled with thanksgiving; filled with joy, and celebration of God’s goodness. 

PMCC (4th Watch) of Los Angeles Commemorates 8 Years of God's Goodness!

September 22, 2019
The ballroom at the Sheraton Grand hosted an event extraordinaire. The PMCC (4th Watch) of Los Angeles celebrated their 8th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving and what an event it was! As seats filled up with attendees from all over the Los Angeles area, the anticipation for the service just kept on growing!

PMCC (4th Watch) of Mira Mesa Triumphantly Celebrates 4th Year Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving!

September 22, 2019
Utmost praises belong to our God for a beautiful celebration of His salvation for 4 years at the PMCC (4th Watch) of Mira Mesa's Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving! Held for the first time at the elegant Marriott La Jolla Hotel. Brethren and guests flocked together to be a part of this celebration. By Gods grace in the light of our celebration we have reached our Thanksgiving goal and we had guests who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and are anticipating another baptism. Thank You, Lord for the beauty of Your Salvation!

PMCC (4th Watch) of Spokane Honors 15 Years of God's Blessings and Faithfulness!

September 8, 2019
Weeks leading to our Church Anniversary day have been nothing but difficult. Trials, hindrances, and challenges arose to an overwhelming point. However, we were reminded of the truth that “whenever God is going to do something great, the enemy will match it with great attacks as well.” So we held on to God’s assurance that we are more than conquerors, and all we must do is pray, act, and be steadfast. We know that God will take care of the rest.
Fast forward to our event, the Lord, without a doubt, took care of us! THANK YOU, LORD!

PMCC (4th Watch) of Michigan Makes History by Purchasing First Church Property in the East Coast!

September 5, 2019
September 5th, 2019 goes down in history as a landmark victory for the North America District as we officially received the keys to our first house of worship along the eastern seaboard of the United States! This is a historic and unprecedented acquisition of the church in the global mission!

PMCC (4th Watch) Orlando Celebrates 5th Year Church Anniversary

September 1, 2019
As the entire state of Florida braced itself for an incoming Category 4 hurricane, the PMCC (4th Watch) of Orlando was up on its feet preparing for its 5th year church anniversary.

PMCC (4th Watch) of South San Francisco Celebrates Victorious 15th Year

September 1, 2019
God has always demonstrated Himself as a God of wonder and marvel - and that is exactly what He showcased through the PMCC (4th Watch) San Francisco’s 15th Church Anniversary last Sunday, September 1st. From beginning to the end, the Holy Spirit was evident in the atmosphere!

East Coast Churches Hold 2019 Summer Camp

August 2, 2019
WINNSBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA. Delegates from  the PMCC (4th Watch) east coast churches held its 2019 Summer Camp at the tranquil grounds of White Oak Conference Center from July 28-August 2. This year’s theme “The marks of the true gospel preached in the end time” resonates Romans 16:25. This year, with the addition of two newly inaugurated local churches, the East Coast is humbled by God’s mighty outpouring with a total number of 11 churches.

West Coast Camp 2019 Ends In a Sweet Victory

June 18, 2019
The last full day of the 2019 West Coast Camp definitely ended with a bang! It was a day full of fun, fellowship, and the moving of God.

US District Gets Ready for West Coast Camp 2019!

June 18, 2019
It's getting closer and closer! The annual US District West Coast Summer Camp is just around the bend! Mark July 7-12, 2019 as your spiritual getaway week and start packing your bags! The event will be held at Aldersgate Camps and Retreats (7790 Marion Rd. SE, Turner, Oregon).

US District Youths Gear Up for this Year's Youth Up!

June 18, 2019
Calling all the church youths!
Our time to enjoy days of spiritual learning, moments of brotherly bonding, and the chance to make new memories with old friends and new ones is finally coming!

PMCC (4th Watch) of San Diego Celebrates Its 26th Anniversary and Thanksgiving

June 9, 2019
The light breeze of the slightly warm Sunday afternoon matches the warmth and yet lightness of the long-sleeved ankle length burgundy dresses of the ushers and greeters standing by the red-carpeted entrance as they welcome the steady arrival of guests by their equally warm smiles and greetings. The night before and early in the morning up to the very last minute before the doors were opened, members of the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) of San Diego buzzed about the venue like busy bees, each to his and her own assignment – audio-video-lights set-up, musical instrument set-up, stage design, guests sign-in, children’s accommodation, hair and make up for dancers – just to name a few. Everyone is gearing up to celebrate God’s work in their midst for the past twenty-six years. The day has come after months of preparations, hours of intercessions, contacting and inviting guests, and days of fasting for the success of the event.

PMCC (4th Watch) of Chicagoland Celebrates 12 Years of God's Unfailing Love

June 9, 2019
Marvelous. Glorious. Blessed. The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) of Chicagoland celebrates 12 years of God's unfailing love and faithfulness.

PMCC (4th Watch) of Seattle Celebrates Its 5th Founding Year!

June 9, 2019
It is amazing to see God’s work thriving amidst the challenges and difficulties in the last years! The PMCC (4th Watch) of Seattle is definitely one of those who experienced some “growth pains” and yet remained steadfast in their service unto God. Looking back in the last half a decade, we see nothing but undeniable traces of God’s grace and favor in the church.

Three Decades of Triumphantly Accomplishing God's Greater Works

June 2, 2019
South Bay's 30th Church Anniversary was a victory march for Fourth Watchers! Throughout the entire celebration, an overwhelming sense of accomplishment hung in the air. Over one thousand guests from all across Southern California, and pastors from throughout the United States rallied into the Grand Ballroom of the Torrance Marriott early on Sunday morning.

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