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Church News

US District Conference 2020 Officially Opens

February 17, 2020
All things pointed towards the heavens tonight to give the utmost and highest praise to the God of glory! The gathering began with a special rendition of “God bless America” to declare the message that this nation is being blessed because of the presence of the true church of Jesus Christ. As the state flags and respective ministers of those places paraded down the aisle, it served as the proof of God’s mighty moving in the US District. The conference is made more special by the presence of the presbyters, two church bishops, Evangelist Leticia Ferriol and Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol who were also warmly welcomed by shouts of highest praise from delegates all over the US as they concluded the parade distinguished guests. As the Goodman of the House happily ascended the stage and officially declared the start of US District Conference open, we can only expect the greater flow of revival through the Holy Spirit in this event.

Apostle Arsenio and Evangelist Let Arrive in the US

February 15, 2020
Brimming with excitement, Bishop Jonathan, Presbyter Marites Ferriol, along with the Pastors and Elders from across the nation impatiently anticipated the arrival of our beloved Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol & Evangelist Let Ferriol in Los Angeles. Their love for the members here in the United States is expressed no less than their willingness to endure over 16 hours of trans-pacific travel.

US District Leaders Reignite Their Passion as Conference Caps Off

February 15, 2020
The third day of conference ushered the leaders of the district to a jam packed day of seminars and activities that reinforced the vital role of unity in the church. Starting off with morning devotion, San Diego head minister and newly appointed Presbyter, Pastor Erwin Dela Cruz highlighted prayer as an apostolic practice responsible in uniting the church. Our missionary initiatives and visions are propelled by the faithful prayer life of believers.

US District Leaders Unite In Impact America 2020

February 13, 2020
Just as being united is in God’s nature, the Pastors and Elders of the US District emulated this trait by joining one other to be empowered on the first full day of IMPACT America 2020! Diving into the Biblical traits of the church is what each leader relished. In their prayers and praises, they were Pentecostal. In their doctrinal knowledge, they became even more Apostolic. And in their hearts burned a passionate fire to share the Gospel of Christ.

Bible Students Renew Their Dedication in MBS Conference

February 12, 2020
God reached into the depths of our heart, mind and spirit and renewed every part. Whether it be in defeat or victory, weakness or strength, brokenness or wholeness, we have been reminded of the unshakable promise that God will be with us- it has truly been an MBS Conference like no other.

PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay Starts a Spanish Ministry Service!

February 3, 2020
The PMCC (4th Watch) US District makes history today as the PMCC (4th Watch) of South Bay held its Spanish Ministry Grand Opening- officially providing a new means of evangelization to the largest minority group in America. From the praise and worship, to the heart of the message, every aspect of the service was featured in Spanish. This door of effective ministry has been opened up to us and we are boldly stepping into the new horizon!

27th US District Conference - Faithful Stewardship of God-Given Gifts in the Church!

February 3, 2020
The PMCC (4th Watch) United States District is once again positioning to receive its abundant spiritual blessings from the Lord through this grand event with special guests speakers coming from different parts of the globe! These men and women, headed by the Goodman of the House, are some of the finest ministers in the Lord’s vineyard today! 

2020 Leaders Conference - Impact America

January 30, 2020
Our passion and commitment to the expand the cause of Christ is what will drive the church forward! Join Pastors and Elders from across the nation from February 12-15 for 2020 IMPACT America: Leaders Summit! Get ready to be reenergized and reinvigorated by the Words of God ministered by special guests from around the globe! Don’t miss it!

2020 MBS Conference Consists of Three Global Districts for the First Time! - US, Canada, and Western Pacific

January 30, 2020
This year marks a historic first as three global districts - United States, Canada, and Western Pacific - join to send off all of our dedicated and passionate Bible Students and Apostolic Missionary Program Interns to this year’s MBS Conference! Join us from February 9 - February 12! As partners and co-workers alongside the Goodman of the House, this is the best opportunity to be refreshed and empowered as we strive for complete obedience in the highest calling of them all! See you there!

PMCC (4th Watch) of Stockton Celebrates Church Inauguration as the 32nd Local Church in the US!

January 27, 2020
It’s another day of history in the making! By God’s grace, through the arduous partnership of Ptr. Even and Ptr. Madeline Macatol with the members of the PMCC (4th Watch) Antioch, the 32nd church was born. In alignment with the vision of the Goodman of the House and the plan of the US District Coordinator, Bishop Jonathan, the city of Stockton, California now has the flag of the PMCC (4th Watch) standing tall and proud in its midst!

Save the Dates of the Triple Treat Events!

January 24, 2020
As January quickly comes to a close, the excitement in the US District is growing exponentially larger because of the long awaited Triple Treat Events! Each year, the US hosts three back to back District events used as a means to strengthen spiritually the members of the church - this includes the MBS Conference, “Impact America” Leaders Conference, and the 27th US District Conference.  Save the dates and speak to your local pastor to register for these conferences! See you there!

Congratulations to Our Newly Ordained Presbyters: Presbyter Marites Ferriol and Presbyter Erwin Dela Cruz!

January 14, 2020
From our beloved Apostle, down to the Bishops and faithful Ministers in our church, we are blessed to have leaders who embody the same virtues of those who were written about in Scriptures. On behalf of our United States Coordinator, Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, as well as all Pastors and Elders throughout the nation, our heartfelt felicitations go out to two great leaders: Pastor Marites Ferriol and Pastor Erwin Dela Cruz on their ordination as church Presbyters! We’re looking forward to partnering ourselves more with you in sharing the love of Christ as you begin this new chapter of your ministries!

A Blessed Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol and Bishop Jonathan Ferriol!

January 12, 2020
We are blessed to be first-hand witnesses of how the seeds of love and sacrifice they planted here have allowed the US District blossom to what it is today. We thank the Goodman of the House for his apostolic calling and Bishop Jonathan for his apostolic ministry. From the PMCC (4th Watch) US District, a blessed and happy birthday Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol and Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol! May God grant you more fruitful years of ministry as we await the blessed hope.

Mark Your Calendars for the Apostolic Missionary Day Fellowship!

January 11, 2020
All throughout history, God has chosen people to be instruments of His divine work. That is why this month we are giving honor to whom honor is due and celebrating the apostolic ministry of the Goodman of the House. Be sure to check the dates for the Apostolic Missionary Day fellowship in your specific region and be empowered by God’s message through the pulpit ministry of Bishop Jonathan Ferriol.

2020 First Ministers Meeting of the Decade in South Bay is a Success!

January 10, 2020
The start of the year 2020 is a time of assessment, as well as a wholesome recuperation period after a rigorous time of sacrificing after the month of December. The US District ministers from both East and West coasts, even from the Pacific Northwest, headed by Bishop Jonathan and Pastor Maritess, held a two-day meeting and wholesome bonding, hosted by the South Bay local church. This meeting is composed of a thorough and objective assessing of each local church in the US District, performance evaluation, constructive critique, even a time of affirmation of their respective breakthroughs, improvements, and successes. This will jump-start the year 2020 with the drive that is ready for this year’s challenges and objectives.

GMC: Let's Build It - Year End Giving - Goal Reached and Surpassed!

January 7, 2020
On behalf of Bishop Jonathan and the GMC Team, we’d like to share a sincere and resounding, “Thank You!” to everyone who prayerfully and financially invested in the GMC during our Let’s Build It! Year End Giving Campaign! Our hearts overflow with gratitude for the immeasurable amount of love you have poured into this great project that will catapult our District forward. We’re looking forward to your continued partnership until the completion of the AATF Global Missionary Center. God bless you!

GMC: Let's Build It - Year End Giving is this Week!

January 3, 2020
Hey everyone! We are all looking forward this Sunday to see you worship in the first Sunday of 2020 and to also see you invest financially towards the completion of the AATF GMC - the biggest construction project of the PMCC (4th Watch) outside the Philippines! Come as a giver and as a gift! God bless you in advance! 

Pre-Order Today!

December 27, 2019
“Start Right, Stay Strong, Finish Well” is now available for pre-order! This devotional is packed with proven biblical insights and practical guidelines on how to start your 2020 right, stay strong throughout the year and finish it well!

Bishop Jonathan Greets Everyone a Blessed Christmas

December 25, 2019
"It is not so much of what people make of Christmas. It's more of what God has made it to be. Christmas was the time when God sent His only begotten Son Jesus in order for us sinners to be saved from our sins. It's like heaven touching earth. It's like light piercing the darkness. Because of Christmas, we have received hope."

GMC: Environment-Friendly Green Building

December 20, 2019
In keeping with the AATF GMC “green building” which means, “environmentally friendly” design, we signed yesterday, Mr. Serge Adamian of Sun Chiller Co. to design and install Solar thermal technology for our building. Mr. Adamian is also the AATF GMC Green Building Consultant.

Avid Supporter of GMC Shows Selfless Giving

December 5, 2019
"I know that the AATF Global Missionary Center will be a resource center that God will use to propogate the Gospel,” says Bro. Raymond Pineda, a Fourth Watcher, a successful businessman, and an avid contributor of the GMC building project. Since the day Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol showed him the property where the GMC is going to be built, Bro Raymond Pineda’s burden and excitement to be involved, at least, financially has never left him.

Bishop Osie Celebrates His Blessed Birthday

December 3, 2019
The Pastors, Elders, and Members of the PMCC (4th Watch) US District, headed by Bishop Jonathan Ferriol, would like to greet our beloved Bishop Osie Quillao and blessed and happy birthday! We are grateful to have someone so dedicated to The Mission like yourself as our North America Overseer. Your wholehearted investment in furthering the cause of Christ is seen in every aspect of your life. May God always bless you with more strength and many years of faithful service to come!

Bishop Jonathan and Pastor Thess Celebrate Their 20th Year Of Marriage

December 1, 2019
They say that “two is better than one,” and this is especially true since we have the both of you! Words can’t express the immeasurable gratitude we have to God for giving us godly, dedicated, and and driven leaders who are whole-heartedly for the expansion of Christ’s church! Today, we extend our love and celebrate your 20th Wedding Anniversary, Bishop Jonathan and Pastor Thess! The entire United States District loves you and shares gladness in your milestone in marriage!

Christmas Devotional Book Is Finally Out!

November 29, 2019
It’s finally here! Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol’s newest book, a 31-day devotional called “Meditations For A Meaningful Christmas” Every page is filled with insights, lessons and wisdom about the first Christmas -- the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Easy to read, compact in size and affordably priced, this devotional will help you keep perspective on what really matters this holiday season; that is knowing the meaning of Christ’s birth.

Bishop Jonathan's Devotional To Be Released In Book Form

November 22, 2019
Bishop Jonathan is back with another book entitled, "Meditations for a Meaningful Christmas: A 31 Day Devotional!”
Originally published as an online resource last year, the 31 Day Devotional is rich with Biblical wisdom and insights about the true gift of Christmas- none other than God giving His one and only son as the Savior for mankind. It features important events and personalities of Christmas, giving readers an in-depth view of Jesus Christ’s pre-eminence, and birth. Each day provides thought-provoking questions to help readers reflect on their personal relationship with Christ, and the joy of salvation He brought with Him to earth.

US District Unveils GMC: Let's Build It! - Year End Giving

November 17, 2019
In support of the ongoing construction of the AATF GMC, all 31 churches of the U.S District, unveiled a new giving campaign called “GMC: Let’s Build It!” Year End Giving. It is an initiative encouraging brethren to give a one time year end financial gift for the GMC construction. Through these gifts that will be given, either on the last Sunday of December or in the first Sunday of January 2020, the GMC will continue to enjoy continuous funding hopefully until its completion by the end of summer next year.

GMC: Let's Build It - Year End Giving To Be Launched Soon

November 10, 2019
The construction of the AATF Global Missionary Center is underway and completion is just around the corner! With 2019 coming to a close and 2020 drawing sooner than we think, the time to give our full support is now! The Year-End Giving is our chance to make in impact by investing in our infrastructure. Let's do our part! Our eyes on the prize: GMC 2020 - let's build it together!

30th International Convention: PMCC (4th Watch) of North America - Praise & Worship and Song of Praise

October 17, 2019
The evening began with a spirit-filled worship led by the North American Praise & Worship Team as they sang the songs, “Glorious”, “Never Once” and “God You’re So Good”. The message of each song rang out, preparing the hearts of every believer to come before the presence of the Lord. This was an excellent prelude to what was to  follow!

PMCC (4th Watch) of San Jose Celebrates Spectacular 18th Year Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving!

September 22, 2019
Every church anniversary is a celebration of God's saving grace. It is a day that is meant to bring the highest praises, honor, and adoration to our savior and the builder of God's church. The PMCC (4th Watch) of San Jose celebrated its 18th Church Anniversary! It was a day filled with thanksgiving; filled with joy, and celebration of God’s goodness. 

PMCC (4th Watch) of Los Angeles Commemorates 8 Years of God's Goodness!

September 22, 2019
The ballroom at the Sheraton Grand hosted an event extraordinaire. The PMCC (4th Watch) of Los Angeles celebrated their 8th Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving and what an event it was! As seats filled up with attendees from all over the Los Angeles area, the anticipation for the service just kept on growing!

PMCC (4th Watch) of Mira Mesa Triumphantly Celebrates 4th Year Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving!

September 22, 2019
Utmost praises belong to our God for a beautiful celebration of His salvation for 4 years at the PMCC (4th Watch) of Mira Mesa's Church Anniversary and Thanksgiving! Held for the first time at the elegant Marriott La Jolla Hotel. Brethren and guests flocked together to be a part of this celebration. By Gods grace in the light of our celebration we have reached our Thanksgiving goal and we had guests who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior and are anticipating another baptism. Thank You, Lord for the beauty of Your Salvation!

PMCC (4th Watch) of Spokane Honors 15 Years of God's Blessings and Faithfulness!

September 8, 2019
Weeks leading to our Church Anniversary day have been nothing but difficult. Trials, hindrances, and challenges arose to an overwhelming point. However, we were reminded of the truth that “whenever God is going to do something great, the enemy will match it with great attacks as well.” So we held on to God’s assurance that we are more than conquerors, and all we must do is pray, act, and be steadfast. We know that God will take care of the rest.
Fast forward to our event, the Lord, without a doubt, took care of us! THANK YOU, LORD!

PMCC (4th Watch) of Michigan Makes History by Purchasing First Church Property in the East Coast!

September 5, 2019
September 5th, 2019 goes down in history as a landmark victory for the North America District as we officially received the keys to our first house of worship along the eastern seaboard of the United States! This is a historic and unprecedented acquisition of the church in the global mission!

PMCC (4th Watch) Orlando Celebrates 5th Year Church Anniversary

September 1, 2019
As the entire state of Florida braced itself for an incoming Category 4 hurricane, the PMCC (4th Watch) of Orlando was up on its feet preparing for its 5th year church anniversary.

PMCC (4th Watch) of South San Francisco Celebrates Victorious 15th Year

September 1, 2019
God has always demonstrated Himself as a God of wonder and marvel - and that is exactly what He showcased through the PMCC (4th Watch) San Francisco’s 15th Church Anniversary last Sunday, September 1st. From beginning to the end, the Holy Spirit was evident in the atmosphere!

East Coast Churches Hold 2019 Summer Camp

August 2, 2019
WINNSBORO, SOUTH CAROLINA. Delegates from  the PMCC (4th Watch) east coast churches held its 2019 Summer Camp at the tranquil grounds of White Oak Conference Center from July 28-August 2. This year’s theme “The marks of the true gospel preached in the end time” resonates Romans 16:25. This year, with the addition of two newly inaugurated local churches, the East Coast is humbled by God’s mighty outpouring with a total number of 11 churches.

West Coast Camp 2019 Ends In a Sweet Victory

June 18, 2019
The last full day of the 2019 West Coast Camp definitely ended with a bang! It was a day full of fun, fellowship, and the moving of God.

US District Gets Ready for West Coast Camp 2019!

June 18, 2019
It's getting closer and closer! The annual US District West Coast Summer Camp is just around the bend! Mark July 7-12, 2019 as your spiritual getaway week and start packing your bags! The event will be held at Aldersgate Camps and Retreats (7790 Marion Rd. SE, Turner, Oregon).

US District Youths Gear Up for this Year's Youth Up!

June 18, 2019
Calling all the church youths!
Our time to enjoy days of spiritual learning, moments of brotherly bonding, and the chance to make new memories with old friends and new ones is finally coming!

PMCC (4th Watch) of San Diego Celebrates Its 26th Anniversary and Thanksgiving

June 9, 2019
The light breeze of the slightly warm Sunday afternoon matches the warmth and yet lightness of the long-sleeved ankle length burgundy dresses of the ushers and greeters standing by the red-carpeted entrance as they welcome the steady arrival of guests by their equally warm smiles and greetings. The night before and early in the morning up to the very last minute before the doors were opened, members of the Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) of San Diego buzzed about the venue like busy bees, each to his and her own assignment – audio-video-lights set-up, musical instrument set-up, stage design, guests sign-in, children’s accommodation, hair and make up for dancers – just to name a few. Everyone is gearing up to celebrate God’s work in their midst for the past twenty-six years. The day has come after months of preparations, hours of intercessions, contacting and inviting guests, and days of fasting for the success of the event.

PMCC (4th Watch) of Chicagoland Celebrates 12 Years of God's Unfailing Love

June 9, 2019
Marvelous. Glorious. Blessed. The Pentecostal Missionary CHURCH of CHRIST (4th Watch) of Chicagoland celebrates 12 years of God's unfailing love and faithfulness.

PMCC (4th Watch) of Seattle Celebrates Its 5th Founding Year!

June 9, 2019
It is amazing to see God’s work thriving amidst the challenges and difficulties in the last years! The PMCC (4th Watch) of Seattle is definitely one of those who experienced some “growth pains” and yet remained steadfast in their service unto God. Looking back in the last half a decade, we see nothing but undeniable traces of God’s grace and favor in the church.

Three Decades of Triumphantly Accomplishing God's Greater Works

June 2, 2019
South Bay's 30th Church Anniversary was a victory march for Fourth Watchers! Throughout the entire celebration, an overwhelming sense of accomplishment hung in the air. Over one thousand guests from all across Southern California, and pastors from throughout the United States rallied into the Grand Ballroom of the Torrance Marriott early on Sunday morning.

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